Sunday, October 10, 2010

Medium Business Card Holder

After I cast the smallbusiness card holder for myself, a number of colleagues asked me to make similar casts for them.  One of them asked for a slightly larger version that held more than just business cards.  This was the result.

This design was adapted to hold  4"x6" notecards in addition to ordinary business cards.

A powerful magnet was sunk into one side of the cast to serve as a storage point for paperclips.  Unlike typical concrete cube "crystals" in most of my other designs with recessed side panels, here the side panels turn the corners in a more modernist way.  I haven't yet repeated this idea anywhere else.

Stained Glass Paint

Before I got into working with actual stained glass I experimented with stained glass paint.  It's an inexpensive way to create the look of stained glass, especially over an expansive area.  It consists of drawing out a pattern on a flat plate of glass, and laying a line of "liquid lead" along the pattern on top.  Liquid lead has the consistency of toothpaste, so it forms a bulging line on the glass.  Once this hardens, the "glass" paint is dripped into the shapes in between the lead lines.  This paint hardens in a few hours into a high gloss finish that transmits light, similar to stained glass.

The cabinets in my house don't extend to the ceiling.  The previous owners installed fluorescent lights above them for general indirect light in the kitchen.  I thought it would be interesting to install acrylic panels covered with stained glass paint in front of those lights.  The above are pictures of them lit and unlit.  I find the pattern interesting, but would probably be more tame with the colors if I had to do it again.