Friday, October 19, 2012


This is the 16"x20" test cutting for Louis LaSalle's image. It is composed of eight layers, the two lightest of which are exceptionally light, to emphasize the appearance of over exposure.

I thoroughly enjoyed cutting the detail of the figure's right arm.

The off axis is below.

The Vanity Top

After seeing my concrete casts a good friend asked me if I could cast a piece for his bathroom vanity. I thought it would be a simple cast, an inch or so thick, but he specifically asked it match a none-too-distant kitchen counter that had a 3" apron.
Because it would have been exceptionally heavy to cast the entire piece 3" thick, I had to create a lip to raise it up and this posed a few dilemmas - most critically that I would have to cast it in two pours and this would have created a visible seam.

In order to hide the seam I incised a reveal at the midline, and added the "concrete" seed organic details to it to make it more interesting.

Overall I think the piece is a success but I am disappointed in the piece's non-uniform coloring. Although sealed, I'm concerned that it will stain.