Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Tease

I don't normally post pictures of works-in-progress, but because this piece is taking so long, and because I'm happy with how it's developing I thougth I'd show off a bit of the most complex mold I've ever created.

Blade - Framed Mirror

During the office renovation, several bathrooms in the building were redone.  The tile colors and even the fixtures were thirty years out of date.  In order to overcome the "dating", I chose white 3"x6" subway tile, laid up in common bond (reference to the masonry roots of the company) and white porcelain antique-appearing fixtures (a reference to the 70 year age of the company).

In order to make the otherwise cold white bathroom appear warmer, the floors were done in slate grey, and wooden details were added, including these mirrors over the sinks.  They measure 24" x 27" and the frame is just 2" wide.

Because they were cut and assembled by workmen on site, I had to limit the detailing - in this case to just a singular routed groove, cut by table saw.

Corner detail.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Urban Vase

In order to relax during lengthy assignments while still in college, I designed and cast a series of concrete vases. They were simple boxes with recesses cast into their corners.  They were some of my earliest works, and few pictures of them survive because most were given away.  This piece, is the only one I still have.

The Urban Vase is just an updated version of these earlier pieces.  It measures 3"x3"x8".  Although it appears to taper at the bottom, its base is the same area as its top.  It has three levels of recess unlike the usual two of all my previous vases and no canted edges - everything is cut square.

The Inner Workings

I've been working on the design for this piece for years in my head.  The idea was to start with a rectangular solid and cut lines into it that then opened up in organic stomach-like shapes to reveal a detailed texture within the opening.  I imagined it like peeling back the skin to see the fibers of the muscle underneath.  In the original concept it was meant for a lamp.

I'm completely unsatisfied with the result of this cast.  But I do think the idea has potential.  I'll have to play with the details and scales.