Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Sob - Test Proof

This work, based on an image, "T" taken by photographer Rick Day (used with his permission) is different from all my previous work in several key aspects.

Although it was originally designed with six gradient layers, I added a seventh after the fact - in order to articulate the line between the wall and the floor. 

Differentiating this line made the model's body pop forward in a much more three dimensional way.

In addition, previous work all consisted of the black mat on top so that it could form the framing mat as well as the darkest shadows of the image.

The detail photograph to the right, shows the highlights and deep shadows in the legs and feet.  It was difficult to figure out the layering in such a tiny area.

The detail photograph below, shot off axis illustrates how the darker areas are the deepest.

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