Monday, March 14, 2011

Men In Blue - Test Proof

I often do a test cutting of an image at a small scale, typically 16x20 to test out how it reads and to keep for myself when the final piece is sold.

In this instance, I cut the 16x20 piece for the photographer in exchange for the license - at his request.  This is the piece shown at the right.  It varies slightly from it's 8x10 brother, adding detail, but its third dimension reads much more clearly in the larger piece.

To the left is the off-axis shot clearly showing the individual layers of the finished piece.

I've had a few questions about the individual layers and how they look unassembled.  Layer #3 is shown to the right.  You can clearly see other future layers behind/ underneath it.

To the left are the original 8x10 sample and the younger 16x20 test side by side.  The larger image seems to be more easily read, but this could just be a function of the distance to the camera.

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