Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Logo Design - New Company

A former boss of mine hired me to create a new logo and look for a new company that he had created.

He requested the blue and green colors because he felt they'd be bold and noticeably different from his last company, even though the name and font remained the same.

One of my favorite things about creating logos is that its evolution from initial concept to final result is usually explicitly clear in a way that isn't always visible in my other work where ideas often emerge almost fully formed.  

Included below are the various stages for the development of this design.

Initially I started with the outline of an "M" and a rotated "G". I felt the outline would serve to look like the walls of a floor plan, which I thought would be appropriate given that it was for a construction company.  The outline didn't look meaty enough to me so I filled in the block letters and made the "walls" white giving me the logo on the far right.

At the suggestion of the client, the blue and green became navy and lime to increase their contrast and boldness.  In addition, tabs were added to the M, and the M's legs extended to make it look more like a grouping of buildings.

I didn't feel this was working but still liked the graphic of the two blocky letters, so decided to go for something a little more three dimensional.  By stretching and rotating the G, the image gained depth.  The composition took on the appearance of a drill or a pencil, both of which seemed appropriate.  The center element of the M underwent  several changes. in order to marry it successfully against the rotated G.

In the final stage I shortened the central element of the M and reversed the cants on it.  The client suggested adding the cants on the top to achieve the final look.

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