Sunday, November 24, 2013

Out of the Box Software, Logo

Earlier this year I founded a software company with my best friend. Although we created a viable product that a few clients purchased, it ultimately didn't go anywhere. All the same, my creativity engine was put to work creating marketing material for the young company.

The first thing I developed was the name. "Out of the Box Software" was the first suggestion I offered. We considered a hundred or so alternatives before returning to this simple phrase. It connoted both that the software (which was cloud based) was a turnkey ready-to-go solution, as well as the company's thinking - outside of the box.

The logo is the box, and the "O" of "out" appears to ring the box, in essence, it is outside the box, literally. I think it's a clever solution, but one that went through a lot of development as outlined below.

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