Sunday, November 24, 2013

Out of the Box Software, Logo

Earlier this year I founded a software company with my best friend. Although we created a viable product that a few clients purchased, it ultimately didn't go anywhere*. All the same, my creativity engine was put to work creating marketing material for the young company.

The first thing I developed was the name. "Out of the Box Software" was the first suggestion I offered. We considered a hundred or so alternatives before returning to this simple phrase. It connoted both that the software (which was cloud based) was a turnkey ready-to-go solution, as well as the company's thinking - outside of the box.

The logo is the box, and the "O" of "out" appears to ring the box, in essence, it is outside the box, literally. I think it's a clever solution, but one that went through a lot of development as outlined below.

*Update: In May of 2018 one of my clients who had been using our software subscription since 2014 talked to me about taking an ownership stake in Out of the Box, and helping to develop Siteline further.

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