Sunday, August 10, 2014


A friend of mine attended Gay Days at Walt Disney World last year where a buddy took a pic of him dancing at a concert and sharing some quick love with his boyfriend in the heat of the moment.  The original photo is much larger and out of focus, but cropped down to just these two figures, and with the slight canting of the camera to illustrate the crowd I think the composition gets a lot more interesting.

This is only the second time that the layers of a cutting are composed of different colors as opposed to shades of the same color. It was meant intentionally as a reference to the rainbow flag, but when completed, the finished work has the look of a thermograph - showing different levels of surface temperature. In that case, "Heat" seemed like a natural title.

The varied random cutouts of the heads of the crowd in the background and the performers on stage are some of the most complex and abstract I've ever done.

The off-axis, illustrating those details is below.

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