Sunday, October 3, 2010

Concrete Table Lamp

I'm not sure what motivated me to start working on this lamp,  but I realized early on that the cast would be too deep and too complicated to build in one piece, so this became one of my earliest designs, cast in multiple parts and assembled together.  It consists of a series of cubes stacked upon each other.  Each steps in 2".  The base is 8" square, and rises to a column 2" square at the top.

Each block also has an inset in the top of it to allow the block above it to rest.  This inset is along its edge.  This was done to allow for variations in the size of the casting so that if one of the blocks was a little too big it would simple overhang the block below it.  The 8" base, 6" cube, and 4" cube are individual casts with holes cast through them to allow for the wiring.  The final stack of three 2" cubes were done as a single cast, and had a threaded rod cast into them.  This rod extended through the lower portions of the base to a piece of wood and a nut that locked the entire assembly together.  The shade was an off-the-shelf shade that I never liked.

A few months later I had a shade specifically made for it.  Although the lamp base almost demands a cubical shade, I decided to just go with a square pyramidal one instead.  I kept it on a low table, and if I'd gone with the cubical shade, the bare bulb would have been visible through the top of the shade.  In addition, I cast a small finial of three small 1" cubes, which gave the lamp the appearance of a stack of cubes riding uninterrupted through the shade.

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