Sunday, October 3, 2010

Medium Glass Candlebox

When the small glass candlebox began to crack I thought the most likely cause was the close proximity of the candleflame to the glass.  In order to increase the distance from the flame to the box, I made it bigger, increasing its size from 3" square to 4" square.  I also decided to reduce the size of the glass, figuring that it were smaller, the expansion of it under flame would be less.

The blue one was done first, each of its four sides was different, consisting of alternating 4 and 5 pieces.  The yellow one was done a week later with alternating 5 and 6 pieces per side.  Candlelight looks brighter when passed through warm-colored glass.  Also, the structural elements of the blue one appeared very substantial and I thought it might be interesting to thin them out, so when I cast the yellow one I deliberately thinned some of the interstitial elements to barely more than 1/8".

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